This research school consists on an introduction to the geometry of hyperbolic groups and their representations. The global objective is to understand how the intrinsic geometry of the hyperbolic group interacts with the geometry of the target group.

When the hyperbolic group is a surface group, several target groups are subject of major deep results: Teichmüller-Thurston Theory (associated to the groups \textrm{PSL}_2(\mathbb R) and \textrm{PSL}_2(\mathbb C)) and the ‘absence of geometric meaning’ due to Goldman for \textrm{SU}(2), just to name a few. Representations of a general hyperbolic group into a semisimple higher rank Lie group is a current topic of research.

The school consists on 5 mini-courses to be held in english: an introductory course, a course on the large scale geometry of hyperbolic groups, Quasi-Fuchsian representations, representations of surface groups on \textrm{SU}(2) and a course on matrix groups over a p-adic field.

This school could serve as an introductory school for the Workshop on Geometry of Groups in Montevideo starting April 11th.

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